Pneumatic Tube System

Topics: Conveyor belt, Pneumatic tube, William Murdoch Pages: 4 (1111 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Technology: Pneumatic Tube System
* Topic – Introduction
* Type of Technology
* Role of Technology in today’s world (Pneumatic Tube System) * Possible Implementation (Pneumatic Tube System)
* Consequences of Implementation of Technology (Pneumatic Tube System) * Alternatives to the Pneumatic Tube System
* Scope of implementation
* Type of TA
* Scope of TA
* Time Horizon
Topic – Introduction:
Pneumatic tube systems are material transport systems, spread over different sizes and types of covered/uncovered area. They use positive or negative air pressure to move special carriers from one place to another as fast as 25 ft. /sec. Simple pneumatic tube systems are usually point to point, which means that they carry small objects and materials from one place to another and back. Pneumatic tube systems can be complex as well, meaning thereby that they may use many different points to send and receive carriers and these systems must be operated using complex algorithms begin run by microprocessor control systems. Pneumatic transport system was created by William Murdoch. It was considered a luxury more than a marvelous invention until the Victorian age when it was started to be used in transportation of telegraph messages to and from close nearby buildings. Most commonly the pneumatic tube system is used for handling small parcels, packets and documents, the pneumatic tube systems are now being used for other logistics needs as well. While its use for communicating information from one building to another and with-in cities (on a larger scale) has been taken over by electronic systems, pneumatic tube systems are still employed where there is a need for swift movement of small valuable and delicate items such as blood samples in hospitals, delicate valuable jewels with-in buildings as well as cash from vaults to the cashiers desks in the banks. A huge number of “drive-through” banks in the United States use the pneumatic...
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