Plot Summary on I Am David

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I am David- Anne Holm

“I am David” is a book about a twelve year old boy who is living in the time of the II world war. He escapes from a Nazi concentration camp with the help of a prison guard. David has been in this camp for the majority of his life and finds adjusting to the world outside hard. The first couple of night of being on the run he keeps living in the fear of the Germans recapturing him. David makes it to Salonika with mild surprises such as finding out what beauty.

David then travels further into Italy to a town. He is amazed how lively and beautiful everything is. He likes how everyone is accommodating. The sad part of the story is that he realises that the people of the town are beginning to talk about him so he leaves. David continues to travel and he reaches another little town further in the Italian country side. He once again camps out in the country side and enjoys a few days admiring the beauty of it all. Then one day a boy of about the age of 14 comes up to David and starts calling him thief and begins to beat him up. The boy is puzzled as David does not hit back but just walks away. Little did David know that he was to meet him once more!

The next part of the book is my favourite as it shows David enjoying happiness, but it also the saddest for David. He realises his mistakes and learns how to repent for them. The main event in this part of the book is how David saves Maria from the fire and is invited into Maria’s home. This is where he meets the 14 year old boy, Carlo, again. David only interacts with Carlo is really necessary and doesn’t want to even be in the same area of him for more than he needs to be. Maria on the other hand loves to be around David and would always affectionately ask him questions. David would answer this became a daily ritual and David had many happy days with the family. One day, late at night the parents of the children were taking together. David had been listening to this conversation as the...
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