Plessy vs Ferguson

Homer Plessy was arrested in 1982 in Louisiana for sitting in a first class train car due to Plessy being a light skin color he was able to buy a first class train ticket and pass for being white. Although Plessy was born one-eighth black and seven-eighths white, according to the “Louisiana law enacted in 1990”, he was considered as black, and he was supposed to sit in the “colored” car. While Plessy was sitting on the train he announced that he had an African- American ancestor and that is how he was arrested. In court Plessy argued the law that this law violates the thirteenth and fourteenth amendments. Plessy lost the case in the Supreme Court and was placed in jail. In 1980 Louisiana passed a racial segregation law stating that segregated facilities were acceptable as long as the facilities were "separate but equal". The law states that blacks and whites have to be divided when they ride on a train. Also this law enforced blacks riding in one car and whites in another car. This nonsense was later overruled in Brown v. Board of Education which pointed out that "separate is inherently unequal". This case began in the 1950’s in Topeka, Kansas in 1951 a third grader by the name of Linda Brown had to walk 4 miles to school when there was a school 4 blocks from where she lived, but due to the fact Linda was African American and the school 4 blocks from her home was for whites only. Segregation was enforced at this time in Kansas Linda’s dad Oliver Brown went to the NAACP for help with segregation in the public schools the case was heard in the U.S District Court for the district of Kansas from June 25-26 1951. The NAACP stood by the Brown family in court and argued many different facts against segregation in schools. On May 17, 1954 chief justice Earl Warren read the unanimous decision in court the Brown’s won. They overturned the “separate but equal” law of Plessey and ruled in favor of the Brown’s Desegregation was to take effect in all schools across America...
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