Playing: Child's Development, Learning, Creativity, and Independence

Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Play Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Task 7

Children learn a lot though their play. Play promotes a child’s development, learning, creativity and independence. Play also keeps children healthy and active – these habits which may carry on into adulthood. Play also fosters social interaction and helps children to understand the people and places in their lives, learn about their environment and develop a sense of community. Play also helps socially excluded children to interact with others. Play also helps children to find out about themselves, their abilities and their interests. Play is therapeutic. It helps children to deal with difficult circumstances such as emotional stress or medical treatments. Play gives children chance to let off steam and have fun. Children learn when they are in a safe and caring environment. They are stimulated through play. Babies and young children develop best when they are in a caring relationship with an adult. A baby will learn to walk faster when they have a safe pair of arms to walk towards and learn to talk when they have an adult who listens to them and responds accordingly. I aim to provide children with an environment that is caring, fun and stimulating. I aim to expand each childs individual, intellectual, physical and emotional capacities within a secure environment where each child, will be confident and settled. I will implement ideas from the EYFS and I will provide activities/opportunities that support the six main learning areas which are : * Knowledge Understanding Of the World

* Personal social and emotional development
* Communication language and literacy
* Creative Development
* Physical Development
* Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy.
Each child will be able to choose their own activities and access continuous provision throughout these six areas. Activities will be both planned and spontaneous according to your child’s preference. My weekly plan will be dependent on the children in my care and their ages and...
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