Plate Tectonics

Topics: Plate tectonics, Convergent boundary, Subduction Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: January 31, 2014
Geology 101 Lab: Plate Tectonics
Goals of this lab:
-to learn about types of Plate Boundaries
-to learn about Plate Boundary Interactions
-to familiarize yourself with the Plate Tectonic Map of the World -to understand and familiarize yourself with past Plate Movement and the supercontinent Pangea
-to understand the Hot Spots of Hawaii and Yellowstone
Part 1. Types of Plate Boundaries
There are 3 types of plate boundaries and a fourth called a “plate boundary zone” in which the type of plate boundary is not clearly defined. Go to the website:

and learn about the three types of plate boundaries and answer the questions below. 1. What are the three types of plate boundaries?
Transform, Divergent, Convergent
2. What directions do the plates move relative to one another in a divergent plate boundary?
They are pulling away from each other.
2. What is a spreading center and what is made at one?
Mid ocean range or submerged mountain range. Volcanos are made here. 3. Name one spreading center (or divergent plate boundary).
Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
4. What are the three types of convergent plate boundaries?
Oceanic-continental convergence, Oceanic-oceanic convergence, Continental-continental convergence. What two kinds of crust are involved in a subduction zone?
Oceanic and continental.
7. What type of convergent boundary is the Himalaya Mountains formed by? Continental-continental.
8. What happens along a transform plate boundary?
Result in earthquakes and possibly faults.
9. Name a famous transform fault in western North America.
San Andréa’s fault.
10. Which plates are sliding past each other along the San Andreas Fault? North American plate and north pacific.
Part 2. Plate Boundary Interactions
Now go to the website: and click on “Go Directly to Plate Tectonics Activity”
11. Drag each of the arrows in the activity to see the plate...
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