Plantation Laborers vs Industrial Workers

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Cotton mill Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: October 13, 2013
DBQ: Plantation Laborers vs. Industrial Workers
Working and living conditions in the 1800s were bad for both plantation workers and factory workers had it particularly bad. Although there were many similarities in their lives, there were many differences as well. Nonetheless both jobs were very hard work. The lives of both groups were very much alike. Both worked long hard hours and did hard physical labor. The working conditions were harsh and unsafe in factories and on plantations. Solomon Northrup said that “when the moon is full, the often times labor till the middle of the night” and in factories worked from sunrise to sunset. Both had to work very long hours, they also were both treated very unfairly. Solomon Northrup also speaks about how the slaves were only allowed practice religions on Sabbath days and were only fed cold bacon. And Rev William Scoresby showed through his writing that factories weren’t fair for everyone. There were many more similarities in their lives but as well as similarities there were many differences. There were many different groups of people who worked in factories in the 1800s like immigrants and young girls. They worked long hard hours in very unsafe conditions in factories up in the north. In the regulations for employees in the Lewiston Mills it says except for workers under age 16 “are considered as agreeing to labor as many hours each day, and for each and every day’s work, as the Company may require, not exceeding eleven hours a day” the time table of the Lowell Mils start work at 6:30AM and finish work at 6:30PM so they worked 11-12 hour days in the factories. That means they spent 50% or their time in these factories, also the factories were not very safe. The industrial revolution began in the 1820s but they didn’t begin implementing safety regulations until decades afterwards. Many of the workers were very poor, they weren’t paid very much. There was immigrant towns set up, where many groups of people from the...
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