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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Impressionism, United States Pages: 3 (275 words) Published: October 18, 2014
— What factors enabled England to take the lead in industrialization? How and when did the industrial revolution spread to the United States of America?

— Write 4 points of difference between Communism and Capitalism

— What were the immediate social effects of industrialization upon British society? To what extent did conditions improve in the following aspects i) working conditions ii) child labour iii) women at work.

— Describe and analyze the effects of the Industrial Revolution on European society in the 19th century.

— Compare differing responses to industrialization in any TWO of the following:

1. Japan

2. Ottoman Empire

3. Russia

Compare and contrast the causes and early phases of the industrial revolution in western Europe and Japan, c. 1750-1914.

Compare and contrast the role of women in TWO of the following regions during the period

from 1750-1914. (2003)

1. East Asia

2. Latin America

3. Sub-Saharan Africa

4. Western Europe

— Short notes on:

1. Robert Owen and the 'New Harmony' (1817)

2. Social Darwinism

Art history:

— What artistic movements emerged in reaction to the industrial revolution?

— Name the first art movement to be born in the 19th century which arose against both Neoclassicism and Romanticism. Briefly describe the key characteristics of this movement.

— What characterizes Realism?

— What are the key characteristics of realism art movement? What main ideas or events caused painters to adopt a more realistic style?

— Describe the difference between “romanticism” and “realism”?

— How would you describe the difference between American and European realism?

— What is the political and cultural context of Realism?

— Write Short notes on:

— Gustave Courbet

— Edouard Manet

— Honore Daumier

— Thomas Eakins

— Winslow Homer

— Jean-Francois Millet

— Claude...
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