Pirates Then vs Pirates Today

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Pirates Today Vs Pirates Back Then
Calico Jack was a pirate ship captain that wandered the Bahamas and the shores of Cuba with his crew plundering small boats and fishing vessels. He and his crew took over a Jamaican ship called the Kingston and made it their flagship. He was born in 1682 and was a crew member until he was voted to become the captain. Once when Captain Vane was still the commander of the ship they came across a large French ship called the Man-o-War. Vane said they would be retreating, but Calico believed they should attack the ship because it would contain a lot of loot and it would make an excellent flagship. Calico got support from most of the crew but Vane said the captain’s word is final and they retreated. After that Calico took a vote where Vane was removed from being a captain and Calico took his place. He got his nickname “Calico” from the clothing he wore

Calico is most famous for creating the Jolly Roger, a symbol of a skull above two crossed swords and for having two females in his crew, Mary Read and Anne Bonny. In 1720 Calico sailed near Jamaica were he captured many small fishing boats and terrorized the people on it. This was his last act of piracy because soon after he and his crew were capture by the pirate hunter Jonathan Barnet, who was chasing them in Jamaica. The boat was at anchor when they were captured and the whole crew was drunk so they could not fight back. They were convicted in Spanish town were almost all of Calico’s crew was hanged.

Pirates today are very much like the pirates we had back then. They loot supplies of ships to make them rich such as oil or gasoline. They take crew members hostage and have ransoms. They do anything that will make them wealthy and benefit themselves. Such as the Somali pirates who raid ships and vessels sailing of the coast of Africa. But there are also pirates who hack...

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Calico Jack Jolly Roger
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