Sir Henry Morgan

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Sir Henry Morgan
Sir Henry Morgan was a Welsh privateer, pirate, and admiral of the English Royal Navy. He made a name for himself during the activities in the Caribbean. Primarily, he earned a reputation as one of the most notorious and successful privateers in history. He also became known as one of the most ruthless among those active along the Spanish Main.

Henry morgan was the eldest son of Robert Morgan, a farmer living in Rhymney, situated on the Rhymney River, in south-east Wales, within the historic boundaries of Monmouthshire. He also had a sister named Catherine.

Henry had no real written record before 1655. Later, he stated that he had left school early, and was “more used to the pike than the book.” Alexandre Exquemelin, Morgan’s surgeon at Panama said that Morgan had come to Jamaica in 1658 as a young man. Alexandre stated that Morgan had raised himself to “fame and fortune by his valour”. Having little experience as a sailor, Morgan sailed to the Caribbean to take part in the Western Design, which was a conflict between Oliver Cromwell, and Spain. Cromwell’s first attempt took place at Santo Domingo, and ended in a failure. The fleet, which included Henry, then moved along to Jamaica and successfully invaded and occupied the island.

Henry Morgan’s uncle Edward Morgan was Lieutenant-Governor of Jamaica, who was appointed to the position after the Restoration of Charles II of England in 1660. Henry Morgan married his uncle's daughter Mary, a cousin. Morgan was reportedly the “Captain Morgan” who joined the fleet of Christopher Myngs in 1663. In late 1665 Morgan commanded a ship in the old privateer Edward Mansfield’s expedition sent by Sir Thomas Modyford, the governor of Jamaica. When Mansfield was captured by the Spanish and executed shortly afterward, the privateers elected Morgan as their admiral.

By 1661 Commodore Christopher Mings appointed Morgan captain of his first vessel. He plundered the Mexican coast under Lord Windsor’s...

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