Pirates in Ecuador

Topics: Spanish Armada, Piracy, Guayaquil Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: April 18, 2008
Have you been lately at the Malecon, near 9 de Octubre? Have you notice the presence of a pirate vessel called Morgan? Have you travel in it? If the answer for these questions is yes, you will probably disregard the history behind the pirates in our country. You will now be transported to the year 1684, to be witness of the atrocities committed by the corsairs that know we praise by having a vessel in our river Guayas.


Since 1684 ports in Central America and Panama were infested by pirates. February 1687 they decided to attack and saq Guayaquil and in April they took the city. French and English pirates there were no harmony at all, but for this attack they agreed totally. Invasion force was about 700 men, weapon skilled and willing to commit the felony. They took first the Puná (Command centre)

Jorge Dhout was the English Cap, and Picard y Grogniet were the frenchs. Back in the day the magistrate was Don Fernando Ponce de Leon, who knew that the pirates were invading the north and south of America, he was advice to protect the city but he neglect his duties the city was unprotected when the pirates arrived. Lieutenant in Manta announced the arrival of the pirates, Santa Elena too and the magistrate didn’t care or believe the warnings. Puná archbishop that run away from the invaded town give the alert of the pirates to the magistrate and he only put some guards near the river.

On april 21 1687 the pirates start rowing towards the river to the city, once there they didn’t find any resistance. They divided their troops in three groups, one for the fort (Las Peñas), two for the surroundings of the city. The other two were sent to the shipyard and to El Estero.

Fisher men gave the alert. In the city they were 200 armed men that divided to the shipyard estero. The first group Shipyard fought strongly with the pirates even with knife and cutting weapons. They were defeated when the cap in charge run away ( Francisco...
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