Pinafore and Teach Mrs Gillespie

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1st September 1939

Dear Diary,
Today I left my heart-broken mother at home and went on a long train ride. Our teachers gave us a label with all our personal details on it to put round our necks and a scary gas mark in case the train was bombed. When I asked my teach Mrs Gillespie where are we going she crossly replied, “We Are Going somewhere where you will not need to know its name.” It was horrible everyone kept feeling sick and crying. When we got to the secret destination we had to stand in a line while people looked us up and down and they chose people to live with them. I saw this lady she looked lovely. I smiled at her, she smiled back. She pushed her way through the crowd, to make her way to me. She held her hand out. I took it. We walked for about ten minutes to her house. Then we had a little running race. My pink luggage kept bobbing on my leg. We finally got to her house. Her house was bright pink!! We went inside. She introduced herself and said her name was Emily, I said my name was Rose. Her house was lovely with precious ornaments everywhere. I gasped. Emily smiled. After I had finished gawping at her house she said it was time for dinner. We had lamb, potatoes and carrots, I munched happily. I looked at the dress she was wearing; she was wearing a flowery flowing dress. Before we went to bed Emily showed me a fluffy creature called a sheep. She was lovely. After we finished she showed me my room. I gasped again, my room was completely pink. Pink, bed, duvet, carpet, pillow, sheet, curtains and wardrobe. I crawled into my bed. Emily tucked me in and kissed me goodnight. Also Emily lives on a farm.

2nd September 1939

I woke up pretty early. I crept downstairs not wanting to wake Emily. But she was already awake. She smiled and said good morning. Emily said I have to go to school. I cannot wait I can meet new friends or see my old ones. Emily showed me the school uniform. I loved it. It was a grey pinafore dress, with pointy boots. I...
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