Pilgrims in the New World

Topics: World, Experience, Europe, New World, United Arab Emirates / Pages: 2 (345 words) / Published: Oct 22nd, 2013
Eiad Fathy Aly
24 September 2013
Word Count: 338
Pilgrims In The New World William Bradford's account of the Pilgrims experience is biased and exaggerated, Thus some people say that it is realistic and truthful and from their own point of view. Yes I see that Bradford’s experience is biased and exaggerated. Bradford hasn’t stayed and experienced living in the New World. They went too aloof in the new world. William Bradford's faced hardships of all kinds, he feigned that there was a monsters in the new world. when he disembarked from his ship he writes that he saw a wild beast and wild men he mean the native uneducated people, God was providence them from any harm, he didn’t wait to the whole new world but he exaggerated in his expressions. Also in his writes and notes he described the new world winter as sharp and violent. Bradford’s story it seems that he is keeping a journal of his encounters. William Bradford's writes in his own point of view he said that fearless storms strike down on the shores of the new land, and it is dangerous to travel to unknown places, and unknown shores and coats. He also described the summer as hot as hell, and their faces were weatherbeaten, the whole new world was full of savage uncivilized people and full of woods and thickets. He described the mighty ocean and the gulf separates them from their home land and from the civilized parts of the world. The hue of the new world was not good as their home land. As you can see my own opinion in William Bradford, that he biased and exaggerated the new world. William Bradford's account of the Pilgrims to the new land was in his own point of view that the new world was full of hardship, sadness, savages, wildebeests and people, uncivilized. They procure the new world by force. Bradford encountered many hardships in the new world that lead him to be biased and exaggerated from the first view of the new world.

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