Physics lab report

Topics: Measurement, Mass, Oscillation Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: November 28, 2013
AIM: Finding the gravitational field strength by using a simple harmonic motion of a spring and slotted masses. INTRODUCTION: When a mass suspended from a spring is displaced, due to the acceleration, kg s-2, from its equilibrium and released it will oscillate up and down with a kind of motion called simple harmonic motion, shm. The period (T), time taken to measure for one complete oscillation, of this motion is: m/kg = mass of the oscillating system k/Nm−1 = force constant of the spring.

Hooke’s Law tells that the force acting on the spring is proportional to the extension of the spring; mg=ke Mass is the amount of matter contained in an object and its SI unit is kg. Gravitational field strength, g, is caused masses and the g at the surface of a planet must be the same as the acceleration due to gravity on surface. Therefore;

First of all locate the clamp on the stand make sure that the clamp is tightened. Then hang the spring on the clamp. Attach a mass hanger directly to the bottom of the hanging spring and then add a 100 g mass. Start with a 100g mass and measure the extension of spring by ruler then release the spring slowly in order to not to damage the spring. The spring will oscillate due to the acceleration, by using a stopwatch record the time taken for twenty complete oscillations. Then repeat this whole process with time same size of mass, you have to do two trials to narrow the uncertainty. Then add 100 g masses one by one to the mass hanger and record the extension of the spring and the time taken for that size of mass to complete twenty oscillations. You will be given an unknown mass and also record the time taken of that mass to oscillate twenty...
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