Physics Ia Design

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Physics Ia Design
Background Theory The usual equation for measuring electric current flowing through a series is I = V/R. The current flowing in a series is affected by the voltage and the resistor that is also creating the series. Electric current is a flow of electric charge through a conductive medium. These charge is in a form of moving electrons in a wire. The SI unit for electric current is ampere (A) and can be measured by using a device called ammeter. Change in temperature can change the current carrying capacity of a conductors. Since we know that change in temperature can make the conductors expands or contracts. That is why the change in temperature can change the conductivities of a conductors, that is why there is a possibility that the current will also affected by the change in temperature.
Research Question
What is the relationship between temperature and electric current of a series?
As the temperature goes higher, the electric current will decrease since an increase in temperature will decrease the current carrying capacity for conductors.
• Independent : The temperature of the conductor, and the direction of the current (parallel or opposing each other)
• Dependent : The electric current flow through a wire
• Control : The length and diameter of a wire
Experiment Design
Material and Equipment
• Ammeter
• 4 sets of wire with alligator clip
• Digital Meat Thermometer
• 2.0 Ω Resistor (4)
• 6v battery
• Hot air blower
• Ice pack

1. Make different temperature of each sets of wire to vary, to make hot by using the how air blower. Make it cold putting it into the ice pack.
2. To measure the temperature of the wire, wrap the wires around the tip of the digital meat thermometer
3. Record each sets of wire temperature
4. Connect a sets of wire with the alligator clip to make a series circuit with 2.0 Ω resistor, Connect it to a 6v battery to make a series circuit.
5. Place the ammeter to

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