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Topics: Temperature, Absolute zero, Celsius Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: February 17, 2015
1 Visit the following URL: What is absolute zero?
A According to this website, what is the definition of "absolute zero"? Ans: Absolute Zero, is when the molecules of the object can no longer oscillate/shake, due to the temperature being too cold, that kinetic energy Is too weak to do anything. The time when the oscalation is slowed to the point it can no longer be slowed down, that is when it has reached “absolute zero”, but even then, oscalation can never really be put to a stop. B Why is the Kelvin scale especially helpful when studying absolute zero? Ans: Because it is the same as the others, but it shifts downwards. Water boils at 373 K and freezes as 273 K, and is absolute zero at exactly 0. C What is the value of absolute zero on the Kelvin scale? the Celsius scale, and the Fahrenheit scale? Ans: On the kelvin scale, it is 0. Celsius scale is -273ºC. And finally Fahrenheit is -459ºF.

2 Visit the following URL: Absolute Zero or Ask a Scientist: Absolute Zero A According to this website, what type of experiments led to the idea of absolute zero? Ans: It was when people were investing the behavior of gas pressure vs. temperature, did they find out how the lowest temperature it could get to on a graph was -273 degrees centigrade. B Describe scientists' attempts to reach absolute zero.

Ans: They would increase the temperature of a gas they are using, and would measure the pressure emitted from it.

3 Visit the following URL: New State of Matter Seen Near Absolute Zero . What is a Bose-Einstein condensate? Ans: It is the experiment the JILA did, and created a far more colder temperature than the other ones which were recorded. They created a new matter which Albert Einstein and Indian Physicist predicted years ago.

4 According to the information you have obtained, you know that absolute zero is about -273 degrees Celsius. You will now use your graph to predict this value based on the laboratory data presented in this...
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