Physical Therapist Career

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The job outlook for a Physical Therapist is supposed to grow by close to fourty percent. Being a Physical Therapist is a career that aims to help people who have injuries.So what does a Phyiscal Therapist do? They help people who have injuries, they help people manage their pain.(Bureau of Labor Statistics #1). Someone interested in being a Physical Therapist as a career would find job satisfaction because of the educational requirements, salary and job benefits, and the rewards and drawbacks of this career.

When considering whether or not being a Physical Therapist would provide job satisfaction, it is wise to learn about the education and other preparation needed for this job. For some people, the education required for this job is very time consuming. To become a Physical Therapist a person must get their Bachelors degree while in college. After they complete getting their Bachelors degree, they then have to complete at least another 2 years of school to get their Masters degree. They have to complete an intership as well with the required education. All fifty states require people striving to become a Physical Therapist to go through a Physical Therapist licensing program. Physical Therapists can improve life for others as well as for themselves. This profession will provide satisfaction in life for anyone that may be interested in being a Physical Therapist. (Utahfutures #5)

In addition to education, the potential salary and benefits of being a Physical Therapist are an indication of whether this is a suitable career. In this career, the more experience you have the more you will be paid. Financial benefits of this job include: full medical coverage, vacation time, paid time off and many more benefits that make this job very satisfying. This job opens can and will open many doors and present many opportunities in your life. The potential salary for a Physical Therapist is above average. Most jobs are only average or maybe even below average. The salary...
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