Physical Beauty to Inner Beauty

Topics: Human physical appearance, Hygiene, Beauty Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: May 5, 2013
15 April 2012
Physical Beauty To Inner Beauty
"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." Kahlil Gibran Physical beauty and inner beauty are equally important. Physical beauty may be defined as one’s appearance, or personal hygiene. Inner beauty may be defined as one’s personality, or actions. Physical beauty and inner beauty may be similar in some ways, but also dissimilar in some other ways. They can be similar and dissimilar in ways such as, mind, body, and attraction to other people. Many people believe that it’s important to have a great physical beauty, because it shows that you care about you’re appearance and are willing to take care of yourself. Than there are others that don’t care what you look like, but its how you are in the inside, because it shows how you really are and people will tend to lean towards someone who respects and encourages. Inner beauty is about one’s personality and or actions. It’s the way someone acts, they can be kind hearted, thoughtful, understanding, and caring that makes them beautiful in the inside. It’s saying the little things that can make someone head over heels, or showing them how much you care for them by doing the small things like making dinner. People that have inner beauty are usually the one’s you want to talk to when your having a bad day, and are just wanting someone who is going to listen and understand you. Having great inner beauty doesn’t always mean that they also have physical beauty. Most people would say, “Inner beauty is superior over physical beauty.” Most people prefer inner beauty over physical beauty, because inner beauty is more crucial to most people. One may believe that inner beauty shows who someone really is, not who someone may appear to be to the naked eye. Physical beauty is nonexistent to one’s mind. Physical beauty does not allow one to show who they truly are inside to others. 
 Physical beauty may be more vital to some than others....

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(Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty).“A Seeker 's Thoughts. 9 Janurary.2011. Web.
26 April 2012.
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