Photoshop: File System and Outgoing Connections

Topics: File system, Hosts file, File folder Pages: 5 (713 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Adobe CS6 Master Collection Mac Cracks. Instructions : 1.Disconnect internet connection 2.Patch Hosts file Double click to launch "AdobeCS6PatchHostsFile" to patch hosts file to block outgoing connections, this will patch then open the hosts file to show you. You will need to enter you admin password. 3.Install Adobe CS6 Master Collection as a trial
4.IMPORTANT After install, launch each application then close it before you apply the specific application patch. This will ensure Photoshop is the Extended version 5.Apply application specific patch Double click the application specific patches to apply the "amtlib.framework patch", this also archives the original amtlib.framework folder in the application specific Frameworks. 6.Run "IllustratorTryoutSplashFix" This rewrites the files so the correct splash screen shows Also makes archives of originals You must only use this on a fresh copy of Illustrator Otherwise use the files in the folder • Disconnect from the Internet (or block outgoing connections) and install the trial version. • When installing, select "Trial"!

• After installation, launch and complete the application once, blocking any outgoing connections. • Replace (keep a copy of the original just in case) amtlib.framework located in / Contents / Frameworks / with [k'ed] one. • Block outgoing connections:

  Open the hosts file and add the following lines: CRL.VERISIGN.NET.* practivate.adobe practivate.adobe.* practivate.adobe.ipp practivate.adobe.newoa practivate.adobe.ntp
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