phonetics in english class

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Laura Cristina Trejos Toro F3X
Wednesday 6 a 9 p.mWhat we know about how to teach phonics.
Since I start the text I thought it was an interesting topic to treat, sometimes while I was reading, I realized that, there was some things really useless to say them but anyway you can easily be caught for the real life examples in it. Something I really like from the text was the fact of the cognitive clarity, the approach you have for learn, and the ability to identify what are you trying to do, where are you trying to go and why are you going there, with that cognitive clarity the student come more likely to persist in the effort to learn and reaching the goals previously fixed. You understand what your teacher is trying to transfer because eventually you know what he want to teach you. You can not to learn something if you don’t know what it treats about or what are you going to win with that. Regarding to the student personality, is important to teachers identify the way that their students caught the tough, because with that type of knowledge they would know how get on with every student, since I was in school I always think that, if you are a teacher and one of your students are distract watching something through the window of the classroom, you can’t willing him to pay attention to what you are saying, is better if you use that thing through the window as motivation and blended with the taught, he easily will be catch for the entire class and you can achieve the mastery desire over the things that he are learning. Nevertheless, a large amount of teachers decide to do the thing in the worse way, willing the student to pay attention of the class overlooking the student’s interest, some teachers don’t look further of what they have in front of their nose, and they restrict the acknowledge of their students’ knowledge making the class boring and nothing productive, other just intimidated their students with more work and a bunch of things that they don’t...
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