Philsphy on Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Philosophy Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: February 27, 2013
A Personal Choice of Philosophy

My philosophy of education surrounds Progressivism and Social Reconstruction. A teacher’s personal philosophy of education is an essential element in his or her approach in guiding children along the path of development. I believe that education is not only an academic thing; it is emotional, social, physical and academic as well. I will also discuss my belief that a teacher should be a facilitator or a guide to learning hands-on, not just the knowledge giver. Teaching our children, it’s far more then just teaching them for the next grade level, it’s developing a life long learner. A perfect teacher to me is one, who inspires learning in addition to just relating required facts. The teacher must also have creativity, enthusiasm and motivation is definitely required of the teacher. Developing ways to relate to real-world therefore the learner will have a better understanding. Creating a better future starts by creating a better society, teaching our children about the world around us, so they grow up not being ignorant to what the real world has at hands.

“The curriculum should be composed of experiences that reflect today’s world, and instructionally, teachers should guide students in the process of development.” (260) Interactive play is believed to be the key in learning for our children. Another way to increase there knowledge, teachers should engage them in activities that have meaning to them in the real-world. “Yesterday I started class by swinging a pair of socks tied to a string around my head and then letting it go. I asked them what they observed and led them to notice that the socks traveled in a straight line after I let go of the string and they kept going …So then I asked them what happens when they ride in a car and go round a curve. They said they were thrown against the door of the car… I finally described what we were discussing as the concept inertia, and not only did they...
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