Philosophy of Music Education

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Philosophy of Music Education

Music is a basic part of everyday life. What makes music unique is its ability to create an emotional response in a person. A music education program should develop the aesthetic experience of every student to its highest potential. Aesthetics is the study of the relationship of art to the human senses. Intelligence exists in several areas, which includes music. The concept of aesthetics allows us to see into ourselves, which in turn helps the development of the intelligences. Not only are these intelligences brought up greatly in music education, but they can be transferred to other areas as well, allowing students to grow more through their other subjects.

My philosophy of music education is committed to offering a comprehensive program of Music Education to all students, at all levels who want to participate in musical study. The emphasis will be upon daily music education as it is developed in the classroom, through performance, and in the belief that students best learn to understand and appreciate music by active involvement in music.

The job of a music educator is to foster an environment where everyone can succeed in music. Students have the ability to grow and to be a part of a team through their participation in group activities. We must encourage the growth of students within our music education program, not just as musicians but also as individuals.Instrumental Music For Special Learners

This article is about teaching instrumental music to special learners. It just takes some adaptations and modifications. One adaptation is with the musical instruments. Certain instruments have been found to be more appropriate than others. The teacher must be in contact with the special education teacher. This is so that the teacher is made aware of any certain limitations that the special learner may have. Another adaptation is with the social environment. The teacher needs to make sure that they are doing...
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