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1. What do you think philosophy is?

I understand philosophy as something which answers questions to humans who seek for wisdom. When you study Philosophy, the negative thing about this is that you don’t get to know all the answers as you go through the process of learning because philosophy talks about life and life unfortunately has handed us a numerous unanswerable questions. Philosophy has also had the negative sense of a subject full of idle speculation, useless to the practical business of finding things out and consisting mostly in irrelevant theorizing. I suppose Philosophy is trying to answer mysteries about life. However, these mysteries are beyond what human mind can perceive. Philosophy makes people think excessively before acting on it. It simply acquaints us with the fact that Philosophy is ‘love for wisdom’.

2. What is your philosophy in life?

“Never settle for anything less”
I suppose that there will always be something ahead of where you are now. And if that something has the ability to be ahead of you, why can’t you be as well? The only thing that limits us from doing something better from what we’re doing now is none other than ourselves. I can’t afford to be in a “less” situation when I know I have all the guts to be “more”. The point here is not to overpower someone or to be ahead of something on purpose, the point is that to be aware that we can do more than our minds can perceive. It’s just a matter of encouraging yourself and some touch of optimism. One day, we would be surprise of what not-settling-for-less has done to our life. Life has more to offer all we have to do is to search for it. We can’t just settle. The worth of life is dependent upon us. The meaning of life is how we give life a meaning.
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