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PHI 112
Reflection Paper

“The human dignity of all individuals must be respected at all times. Everything possible must be done, without any kind of discrimination, to reduce the suffering of people who have been put out of action by sickness, wounds or captivity whether or not they have taken direct part in the conflict.” (Geneva Convention) War has impacted many societies as long as societies have been formed and many civilians have died in time of war. The Geneva conventions were formed after many societies faced devastating consequences in wartime. As of today there is no place that the Geneva Convention international laws are not applicable.

Over 192 countries have agreed to the treaty and international law of the Geneva conventions and their additional protocols have created a basic set of standards that all people should follow during wartime. This is not too much to expect of civilized societies who are at conflict. All people should be treated with basic care and civilians should always be a priority of safety. These laws should be respected and enforced by all countries. In recent years many ratifications have been added to modernize the Geneva Convention rules and these should be applied and enforced throughout the world consistently. If international law is broken the “International Committee of the Red Cross is regarded as the “guardian” of the Geneva Conventions and the various other treaties that constitute international humanitarian law. It cannot, however, act as either policeman or judge. These functions belong to governments, the parties to international treaties, who are required to prevent and put an end to violation of IHL. They have also an obligation to punish those responsible of what are known as “grave breaches” of IHL or war crimes.” (IRC) All nations need to respect the laws of the Geneva Convention because it is a priority to maintain humanity throughout the world. According to the International Committee of the...
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