Philips Morris International (Pmi) Case Study

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Company:Philips Morris International (PMI) 

Identify its mission, vision, goals and objectives and evaluate theirs appropriateness and effectiveness.


Johnson et al. (2008, p. 164) define mission statement as ''aims to provide employees and stakeholders with clarity about the overall purpose and raison d'etre of the organization.''

PMI want to be a leader in the world tobacco industry.
PMI will focus on how they invest in leadership, align with society, satisfy adult consumers and create substantial value for shareholders.

Firstly, they will invest in different kinds of excellent people, nurture and retain talent. A successful company must have many excellent person to support it, PMI insisting on educational innovation to cultivate innovative Talents so that they will have an excellent personnel system;

Secondly, PMI will participate in many other social activities that are relevant to their business. PMI will participates in many of his business-related social activities or do some charity business so that to increase the visibility of his business on their knowledge of consumers and help to build his reputation and good social image;

Thirdly, they will investigate the demand of the adult tobacco consumer in order to create more satisfying products. PMI make some deeply researches to the adult tobacco consumers so that to realize the needs of the products and create some new substitutes to attract more and more consumers and they will focus on the harm reduction of its tobacco;

Finally, they will create sustainable growth through the business plan and generate higher profits for the shareholders. PMI will focus on the harm reduction of its products so that to support the sustainability in its business. When they have major policy decisions, the company will seek the views of shareholders meetings and then decide whether to implement the new policy. When they receive the profits, they must give the returns to the shareholders.


Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (2008,P164) define vision statement as ''concerned with what the organization aspires to be.''

The aim of PMI is to create superior returns for the shareholders, provide high quality and innovative products to adult tobacco consumers, and reduce the harm caused by tobacco products. PMI work toward this last goal by supporting comprehensive regulation based on harm reduction and developing products with the potential to reduce the risk of disease. Tobacco Harm Reduction (2004) define as tobacco harm reduction is "anything that decreases the risks from using tobacco or nicotine. "

PMI believe that an effective tobacco control policy must incorporate harm. PMI wants to reduce the harmful ingredients in its tobacco through the innovation of tobacco and they hope will substantially reduce the risk of diseases. They will do some deeply researches of tobacco ingredients and reduce the harmful ingredients and develop their tobacco, while also reducing smoke emissions, include carbon monoxide (CO), benzene, heavy metals (lead, cadmium), and tobacco specific nitrosamines. Furthermore, PMI will pay more attention to consumers' health, they print some slogan in cigarette case to remind people do not smoke a lot and realize if people smoke so much, it is easier to get the lung cancer and other diseases.


Business Dictionary define goal as ''an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.''

The goals in PMI (2010)are:
To achieve the expectations of the adult smokers by the highest quality and innovative tobacco; To make superior returns and profits for their shareholders through revenue, volume ,in come and cash flow; To reduce the risk of tobacco-related diseases and regulate and reduce the harm ingredients of the tobacco; To be a good company which own highest degree of integrity and responsible for the social. One of the top...

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