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IV. Reference


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I. Introduction


The Philippines is Southeast Asian archipelago of over 7,000 islands scattered between the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea. Here Orient meets Occident with a distinctive ability. Three centuries of Spanish Christianization and 40 years of American colonization have left mark in the Philippines. Catholicism is the major religion. Creativity of the Filipinos are can be seen in its visual arts and handicrafts. Eco-tourism adventures await in the provinces of Philippines- from Boracay to Bohol, Panay to Palawan, to the Banaue Rice Terraces of Northern Luzon. Its stunning and diverse islands are host to an extraordinary range of landscapers and habitats including spectacular mountains, smoldering volcanoes, tropical forests and a multitude of rivers and lakes. The archipelago is called “Pearl of Ocean” for it is surrounded by beautiful bodies of water as well as terrific formation of land. Its wonders and paradise are absolutely beyond the usual.


Philippines is a destination readily accessible to different people from different places. A land of exciting natural wonders, the Philippines abound with fertile coastal plains, scenic mountains, stretching hills, valleys, and streams. We should see Philippines 'distinct characteristics of unique landscape and natural resources. In this, we would know that Philippines has something to give and has something to be proud of. With its magnificent sites, we can experience the beauty of nature and people without leaving our own land. It is not surprising if Philippine archipelago remains an endless source of amazement for foreigners. This is because our country is best known for the friendliness and goodness of its people and their natural sense of song, dance and arts that really shows Filipino culture. Philippines is naturally has something to be proud of.


This research wants to showcase the inside beauty of their own land, Philippines, and the rich Filipino culture of their country. This can help students to know more of their own land’s different treasures. It can take the readers on an amazing journey through their own country. It can share its own uniqueness and originality. It can serve as a help for others who also do researching about the Philippines.


Through this research, it is shown that the beauty of the Philippines is world class. This report can also prove to be very helpful to a student’s career especially in researching, as it gives much relevant information about the Philippines. This is also serving as another way to communicate effectively with the readers through the authors’ perspective with their concise knowledge about the subject matter.

With this research, they’ve known that Philippines is never short of beautiful places to go. Actually, it really showcases one of the world’s most beautiful sceneries and unique animal creatures. Aside from its enchanting places, Philippine festivals are one of the “must go” event in the Philippines that bring color and joy. These are only two of the few things why Philippines is always visited by many tourists around the world.

Philippines is truly blessed with abundance of natural resources that gives most of the needs of every Filipino. But due to rapid increase of population growth, they are degrading the natural capital of their natural resources. The government is now making an action to this issue and many Filipino people are hoping for its good result that will preserve its resources.

They have found out that Filipinos are popular for their warm hospitality, friendliness disposition especially toward foreigners. Filipinos are also known for their romanticism, religiosity and generosity and for having a talent in music, dance and arts that bring tourists back in the Philippines. Although some of these values are vanishing now through unstoppable changes, still, many Filipinos have these golden values.

They have proven that Philippines with its Filipino people is no doubt a masterpiece, a panorama and a symphony of a humble nation proud of their rich and diverse culture and landscape.

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