Topics: Malaysia, Genghis Khan, Singapore Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: March 3, 2013
One means undivided. One means unity and one means power. When there is unity there is power. Men try to gain power and glory and men knows that they cannot gain power and glory without unity. Men try to gain unity through many ways and history has shown us that most of the attempt to unite the people has failed. Men will unite when they have similarities and most great leaders of the past have tried to use the factor of race to unite the people. Genghis Khan has tried to unite the Mongol and Hitler has tried to unite the German. These great leaders try to achieve unity using race as the factor of unity. They unite their race by inculcating in their heart the same desire. They inculcate the desire to become great people by conquering other people and to amass their wealth. Without having unity of purpose people cannot be united unless they have the same desire or goal .Genghis Khan and Hitler inculcate in the heart of their people the same desire to become the Great people that conquer and control others. In order to unite the people, the leaders try to make the people to have the same goal or desire .The easiest desire to inculcate is the desire to have power and wealth. However this desire is short lived and once this desire vanishes the strength of unity fades away. Genghis Khan and Hitler can only unite their people and become conqueror for a very short period of time. The empire that they have set up does not last very long. Once people have achieved their goal of achieving wealth and power they become disunited. They start to become jealous between each other and internal rivalry start to occur between them. As a result they lose their unity and their strength and finally they ceased from becoming a strong and powerful nation. The British Empire doesn’t last very long as they cannot maintain the unity between the nations that they have colonized. Malaysia wants to unite the people with the concept of one...
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