Topics: Minangkabau, Negeri Sembilan, West Sumatra Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: September 16, 2013
Caklempong that is made from bronze and belong to the family of gong will be lined in a straight line having different sizes and different tone of music as a set of Caklempong is based on a few other parts like firstly the Bonang itself that is used to be hit by the Kayu Pengetuk. There are 3 different sets of Caklempong which are Caklempong Gereteh, Caklempong Tigkah and Caklempong Sauwa and the difference between these 3 is the amount of Bonang they use and the notes that they use.

According to history, Caklempong was brought to Malaysia by the Minangkabau citizens from West Sumatera and settled down in Negeri Sembilan around the 14th century. It is really amazing to see how they could play it with such enthusiasm and hitting the Caklempong like hitting the drums and you could see how happy they look when they play it. During the Citra Budaya Pepatih festival in Negeri Sembilan, this traditional instrument was played not to provide music but to provide rhythms for the dancers of Tarian Zapin and Tarian Piring. The main thing I love about this particular performance is that they use the rhythm very well and displays the uniqueness of their culture with all the beautiful clothes and the different kinds of rhythms.  __________

Caklempong traditional music is said to have brought to Malaya by the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra settled in Negeri Sembilan as early as the 14th century. Minangkabau society call the caklempong as talempong. (Source: Abdul Samad Idris, 1970) In the earlier tradition, other than the purpose for fun, caklempong was also played as an important role in everyday life, such as integrating the Minang community residents besides being played during the ceremony of the coronation of the Sultan. Today, caklempong is famously being played for various purposes including the wedding ceremony, opening, entertainment, music accompaniment silat martial, dance and more. Music of caklempong has now been received by the...
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