Five Propositions for Exploring World Music

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Music 407
Chapter 1:
What is world music?
A Point of Departure:
Five Propositions for Exploring World Music
1. The basic property of all music is SOUND
* Tone – the duration (length), frequency (pitch), amplitude (loudness), timbre (quality of sound). * All sounds have the potential to be tones 2. The sounds (and silences) that comprise a musical work organized in some way * Music is a form of organized sound * Listening: CD 1:1 (Beethoven’s Symphony #9) & CD 1:2 (Japanese gagaku) 3. Sounds are organized into music by people thus; music is a form of humanly organized sound * Music is a human phenomenon * Human creation vs. sounds found in nature

4. Music is a product of human intention and perception
* HIP: human intention and perception
* Music is inseparable from the people who make and experience it. 5. The term music is inescapably tied to western culture and its assumption * Music is a category of humanly organized sound that takes its core identity from the musical intentions and perceptions of its makers and listeners. * Many cultures do not categorize their own “music” as music at all * Eth

Identity in music
* Music can partially answer:
* Who am I?
* Who are we?
* Listening:
* Mongolian singing performance CD 1:5
* Note: nomads, string instrument, other sounds created by voice * Central Javanese gamelan orchestra CD 1:6 * Note: chimes/bells, groups of voices… all boys… from Java music of the courts (King). In this culture the entire community comes together to create its own music. * Amerindian Music – Rabbit Dance song CD 1:7, CD 1:8 * Note: American/Indians. Drums – made from natural resources.

* Society may be define as a group of persons regarded as forming a single community * Share a connection through one another through other things Social institutions in music * An example of social institution

* Gamelan Music
* Large number of instruments
* Mainly percussion
* Gongs
* Drums
* Cymbals
* Xylophone – like bronze metallophones
* Listening Gamelan Music
* Java CD 1:6
* Note: Slower
* Bali CD 1:9
* Note: Fast, fire/music

* Culture is defines mainly by a collective worldwide shared by its member * Rooted in ideas, beliefs, and practices that underscore social organization Nations and Nation-states * Nations-state

* Share a national society, culture, and a homeland
* Nation
* Share a society, a culture, and a strong sense of nation hood but does not have a political autonomy over the geographical area they claim * Nationalistic music * Irish music
* Protest or resistance – civil rights movements
Diasporas and other transnational communities
* Diaspora – and international network of communities linked together by identification with a common ancestral homeland and culture * Cajun – France then Canada… now here, Louisiana (by choice) * Slave trade – jazz come from this. Every aspect of music has been affected by the slave trade. Every port city where slaves were traded, music was happening. Started in Africa, then Brazil, next Spain, and the Caribbean islands and then the Port of Orleans. (forced) * Listening * Cuban Rumba CD 3:3

* Note:
* African pop music CD 2:26
* Note:
* Irish music CD 2:20
* Note:
Other Communities
* Transnational communities – intermix of musicians… Example: New York The individual in music * Musical syncretism – merging of formerly distinct styles and idioms into new forms of expression * Listening * Tito Puente CD 3:5

Spirituality and Transcendence in Music
* The purpose
* Music can facilitate transcendence
* Music can reflect a divinely created...
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