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Topics: Fallacy, Argument, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (894 words) Published: October 25, 2014

Fallacies in Media
One rich source of fallacies is the media: television, radio, magazines, and the Internet. The arguments you experience in your daily life (work, family, shopping) are another source of fallacies. Identify three distinct informal logical fallacies you have experienced in the media or in your life. Explain how the fallacies were used and the context in which they occurred. Then, explain what the person presenting the fallacy should have done to ensure that he or she was not committing a logical error. You must post to this discussion on at least four separate days of the week, and your posts must total at least 500 words as you address this discussion. This means that, in order to receive full credit, your first post must be completed by Friday at the latest (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday would satisfy the four-day requirement). However, we encourage you to get into the discussion early in the week and begin interacting with your classmates and professor. Remember to post on at least four separate days during the week. The first informal logical fallacies is the appeal to pity like in our lecture from Justin Harrison gave an example of the animal abuse commercial with dogs that have one eye or a burned cat. In the appeal to pity they show you images of something that might make you feel bad so they play on your emotions. Example 1

My personal argument is this, my wife and I adoption a dog from our local shelter and after that they keep sending us emails of hurt animals that need good homes. I understand they need good homes but we can’t take any more animals in. The media is helping theses shelters pull on the heart strings of animal lovers by sending emails that show images of hurt animals and stated that if we don’t adopt any more than they would be youthonized. This was not our first dog from a shelter but my conclusion is after the countless emails that are about 6 a day I have decided not to adopt any more from this place. It...
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