Pharmacology Review Sheet

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Adverse reactions for drugs occur because:
No drug has only one receptor it binds to.

A drug that occupies and "turns on" a receptor is an:

Before marketing a new drug, the drug company asks the FDA to approve its choice of: trade name

The time between when a drug response is observable and when there is no longer an observable drug effect is called the duration of action

This term refers to how much of a drug must be given to see a desired response potency

Nicotine induces P-450 enzymes in the liver. An AIDS patient taking a protease inhibitor drug which is metabolized by these enzymes would experience which of the following if they smoked Lower blood levels of the protease inhibitor

Drug A can produce the same effects as Drug B at a lower dose of drug A. Drug A is: more potent than Drug B.

Which of the following recent advances is most likely to influence future drug development and use Our knowledge of genetic differences between people

You have a patient with Parkinson's disease, and you want to get more dopamine into the brain. Dopamine is a polar molecule. How can you accomplish this best? Give a lipid soluble precursor to dopamine which can convert in the brain

Most drug work by
Binding to a specific receptor on the cell

A drug that occupies a receptor but does not activate the receptor is a antagonist

The time between when a drug is administered and when there are observable effects is called the onset of action

Adverse reactions to drugs occur because
No drug has only one receptor it binds to

Once a drug's peak effect has been reached, further doses of the drug will increase efficacy false


After a drug is administered, it must get to the site where it exerts its action. This phase of pharmacokinetics is called distribution

Which pregnancy category indicates that animal studies and clinical trials show a significant risk to the mother and/or fetus that clearly outweighs any benefit that might be derived category x

Which pregnancy category indicates that either risks found in animal studies were not validated in human studies, or there were no risks found in animal studies b

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act said that drugs must be safe before they can be marketed. This law passed in 1038

An important disadvantage of administering a drug intravenously is that the potential for infection is higher than for oral administration

The drug Levoxine was renamed as Levoxyl because
it had been mistaken as Lanoxin

Most drug metabolism occurs in the

An example of pharmacogenetics is
People of Asian descent tend to need a lower dose of Warfarin than people of African descent do

Drugs may not be sold in the United States until they have been approved by fda The Food and Drug Administration

In the US, controlled substances are
drugs whose use, distribution, and prescribing is determined by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 and it amendments

After a drug is administered, it goes to the site of action. Soon after this, the blood level of the drug begins to decline. This decline in blood levels best represents metabolism

The American law to regulate narcotics said that prescriptions would be required for large volumes of drugs and that records must be kept. This law was passed in 1914

Tallman lettering is designed to improve

If a rapid onset of action is important, which route of administration would you choose intravenous

Binding to plasma proteins can affect
distribution, metabolism and elimination

Factors which affect pharmacokinetics or dynamics in the elderly include drug interactions

Which pregnancy category indicates that controlled studies in humans have not shown risk to the mother or fetus A

Which pregnancy category indicates that there is evidence of human fetal risk but that use of the drug might still be acceptable if the woman is very ill and there are not...
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