Pets: the Many Effects They Have on Their Owners

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Pets: The Many Effects They Have on Their Owners
Everest University
Andrew McMonigle
Instructor: Sarah Carson

Pets are known to have many different effects on their owners. Pets have the ability to lighten up someone’s day and make them forget about their stress from school and work. Many people enjoy having pets in their homes. Different types of pets offer unique experiences for their masters. With most animals there comes a classification of different breeds that one can choose from, as well. Some of the more commonly seen pets in America would have to include dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, and birds. Within each species there are many different breeds for an owner to choose from. What helps determine a compatible candidate for being someone’s house pet? If one hopes to gain a better understanding for what it means to have a pet and take care of one, this is where they want to be.

The causes for wanting a pet will differ for everyone. For some it is a family tradition to have a pet. For others they could have just looked in through a window at a pet store and fell in love with the animal they saw. Everybody has their own reason for wanting a pet, and that is okay. What matters is that when so-and-so decides to own a pet, they need to have the pet’s best interest in mind and raise it as if a child.

Different dogs, for instance, come with different capabilities. Someone who likes to go hunting might find the instinct and loyalty of a greyhound handy when it comes to finding that kill. Someone who likes to go outdoors a lot would like a dog that is active and energetic, possibly a Labrador retriever would suit them well. Ladies that are into fashion might want a dog with its own fashion statement, such as a poodle. These are all different causes for one to want a pet because they can help better the owner’s life as well as the dog’s life too.

Some dogs unfortunately, do not come with a smile but rather with a difficult past. Often pets at local shelters and veterinary clinics have a tendency of being more loud or aggressive. Some of us like to assume we know why a dog acts a certain way, but other times we do not know. Sometimes it can be hard to determine the cause of a pet’s emotions. All we can do is rehabilitate them and give them a better life. In reference from an observational study made by Dr. Karen Overall, “I do not doubt that people could make problem dogs worse, and some people, or situations, could render the most normal and appropriate of dogs problematic. However, until we understand more about gene X environment interactions, the question of cause will be open” (1998).

We still have a lot to learn about some animals on this planet. We already know a lot about many animals on this planet at the same time. For instance, we all know as humans that a hamster would be a nice pet to keep in a cage and feed. A mountain lion, however, would cause problems in a typical suburban household. This is due to the mountain lion’s carnivorous instincts it naturally develops. Hamsters do not have carnivorous instincts. Once someone finds a pet that they keep, however, the benefits that one will enjoy are truly indescribable.

The feelings and self-reward one gets from raising a pet of their own is great. Many people experience great joy from the effects of raising an animal. “It's funny how a simple creature like a dog can cause so much emotion. The bond between human and animal can be one of life's greatest experiences. People who don't have pets can't understand the depth of feeling owners have for their animals” (Charles, 2006).

The feelings are even known to spread to the workplace. It can be tricky to bring pets into work environments for a number of reasons. The work environment could be unsafe or possess unsafe equipment for pets, other employees could have possible allergies, and pets can cause a distraction for people who are trying to finish their work. These are just a few of the reasons...
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