pest analysis of auto industry

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Dear Respondent.
I am PRABHU M TURAMARI a Student of MBA-4th Semester of SURANA COLLEGE PG DEPARTMENT, K S TOWN, BANGALORE-60 doing a project titled “A study on CREATING AWARENESS TOWARDS EDU-ERP” I would be grateful if you could spare a few minute to fill this questionnaire by putting a tick with the favourable answer. Hope for your kind co-operation.

Name of the Institution:
Address/Phone no:

1. Type of Educational Organization:
School Training Centre
College Others

2. Number of successful years your organization has completed: Below 5 5-10
10-15 15&Above

3. You use the internet for:
Regularly on a daily basis Twice a week
May be once in a week Not at all

4. Main purpose of using the internet/online presence? Please select all that apply. Work-related Study-related
Email News
Banking Entertainment
If other, please explain
5. The technologies implemented in your Educational Organization? Bio-metric Attendance Solution CCTV Security Office Accounting System Library Management System Please mention if any ______________________________________________ 6. The source you will use to collect the study materials for your students: Please select all that apply Text Books eBooks

Journals Previous year’s documents
If any website, please Specific Website (Except Google):
1. 2.3.

7. Time you spend on your office computer:
Less than 30 minutes 30-60minutes
1-2 hours More than 2 hours
8. If you are not using internet, what is the main reason for it? We don’t have time It is not interesting
We do not want any publicity...
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