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Topics: Suicide, Law, Death Pages: 1 (503 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Lewis 6Work Cited
BIBLIOGRAPHY Brownback, Senator Sam. Brownback Introduces Bill to Fight Assited Suicide. 4 August 2006. 3 November 2013. Physician Assisted Suicide. n.d. 3 November 2013. Rogatz, Peter. The November/December 2001. Document. 3 November 2013. St.Clair, WKSU Jeff. Health and Medicien 'Cleveland billboard promotes 'death with dignity'. 22 February 2011. 3 November 2013. Suicide, United States Physician Assisted. Family Laws - Physician-Assisted Suicide. 3 January 2006. 3 November 2013.

Persuasive/Argumentative RP Outline Name: Velma Lewis 11/8/13 Outline
Legalize or Not to Legalize
A Human Right to Die: Physician-Assisted Suicide
I. Introduction Background on controversy on: Physician-Assisted Suicide should or should it not be legal option in the U.S. Does a person who has no way of recovering have the right to decide how he or she should end their life. Thesis Statement: Because of the moral, legal, and ethical controversy involving physician-assisted suicide; there are some states here in the United States that has legalized the right to die. There is a need to understand this issue, and to know the pros and cons since a few states has adopted, “The Death with Dignity Act.” II. Main reason for the opposing view given here (use “common knowledge” info here): A. Because: The ethical tradition in medicine is to not take a life. B. Because: Modern medicine now has more knowledge and skills to relieve suffering and pain. C. Because: Physicians make mistakes including wrong diagnosis. III. (Your Side: Reason #1) Because the terminally ill patients should have the legal option of physician-assisted suicide. A. Proof #1 40% of Americans say they would consider committing suicide if they were in severe pain, suffering from an incurable disease. B. Proof #2 40%...
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