Persuasive Speech - Merger

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Persuasive Speech - Merger
A MERGER has a great deal in common with a marriage. In both cases, each side needs to be clear-eyed about the other’s strengths and weaknesses, to find areas where the partners can work together and other areas where they could each use some personal space. As in a marriage there is always a discussion about whether a name change will occur, and couples may fight about whether to keep or toss one person’s beloved orange sofa. Merging companies too often botch their strategizing about which people to retain in the combined organization. They wait too long to start the analysis, they fail to offer appealing incentives to the people they want, and — just like a couple starting out together — they do not communicate effectively. We are not going to be this couple. This is why I am here today. We are going to communicate. Our planning for the merger was about more than cost savings; it was about building a better bank measured by customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction as well as improved financial results. Our over-riding principle is to ensure we put customers first in all our decision-making. We pledge to treat our customers with respect and communicate with them about changes in a timely fashion. To employees we commit to the same principles of respect and timely communication. We will regularly solicit customers' and employees' opinions throughout the integration period to ensure that we understand their issues and make adjustments as we move through our merger schedule, region by region. This merger will have little value if we do not keep our customers. Customer loyalty is the product of a number of different elements: how customers are treated; how employees are treated; and how we behave in the community. So you ask……why did we merge?? What’s in it for me??

Consolidation in an industry as complex as ours is inevitable. It's a natural evolution of business growth, the progress of technology and certainly the demands of...
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