Persuasive Speech

Topics: High school, Dress code, Education Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: April 13, 2012
Persuasive Speech #2
I. Introduction
“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” This quote by Friedrich Nietzsche speaks volumes toward the importance of individuality and self-expression.  It shows how conformity can lead to complacency and “corrupt” our most valuable resource, our youth. School uniforms do just that.  The requirement of school uniforms can cause more problems than they solve ranging from elevated stress levels to legal issues. People will always have their opinions on the benefits of school uniforms though it’s important to consider both sides of the argument as well as considering other options such as the option of a dress code.  Growing up in Salina, Kansas left me with only a few educational options; of three schools, two are public.  Which public school you attend is determined by where your residence is in correlation with pre determined district zones.  Having never been subject to uniforms I can’t personally speak for their pros or cons, I can however give insight into the liberty and self-expression I experienced by attending a public school that implemented the use of a dress code instead of a strict uniform policy.  

 II. More harm than good
A. As more and more people are beginning to associate with the opinion of school uniforms being a beneficial policy, they neglect to take into account how it individually affects each of the students. B. School uniforms are usually expensive and are often times, expected to be purchased by the student’s family. This can raise stress in the home environment due to economic strain on the household creating a less than satisfactory place to study. C. According to Scholastic Scope, another point to consider is that of vanity. Uniforms can be uncomfortable and less flattering to certain body types than others causing the student to become more stressed and anxious than before....

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