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Topics: Conflict, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: October 28, 2014
‘When conflict arises, it is impossible not to take a said. Everyone has a role.’ There are conflicts everywhere around the world including the small conflict such as intrapersonal or interpersonal, or can be seen in a large scale, such as world war. World War can be seen as a complicated conflict between countries which involved everyone on earth. Through having a clash of arguments between people, it can end up forcing people from the outsides to pick sides. As outsiders, the truth on taking a side is because of the real facts of power, rather than the basic knowledge of a person. Therefore conflict draws on all sides which make it hard for people to remain as an outsiders and being viewed as biased. Sometimes when conflicts occur, the truth on what people perceived is often viewed as a matter of self-opinion rather than reality. The discussions between the European people on the Japanese people in the film, ‘Paradise Road’ can be viewed as a self-opinion truth. The conversation revealed a racial prejudice against the Japanese which highlights on the dramatic effects on how people think of other people because of where they are from and what they do. People often make assumption on others due to experiences therefore cannot predict what can exactly happened. The viewed on the Japanese people have put the European people to have not realized that what they perceive is wrong and cannot be judge on the Japanese. Hence the European people have taking a side of themselves as better than the Japanese people and stating how the Japanese people cannot do things like they can. The perception on the Japanese is only on one side and they did not have any other thoughts on taking a step further of thinking onwards. As people lives on people experiences many difficulties which may lead them to have different views and beliefs from each other and where they want to stand. It is a natural occurrence to take sides as human being, people all have different beliefs and...
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