Persuasive Fishing

Topics: Fishing, Angling, Recreational fishing Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: April 16, 2013
General purpose: To Persuade
Specific purpose: To persuade the audience to go fishing this summer. Central Idea: Fishing is fun and easy
Pattern: Topical Pattern

Introduction: I have been fishing for 10+ years and really enjoy it and would love to share this hobby of mine with others. Body: There are so many ways to fish and I would like to share with you some information on my favorite ways to fish. Bow fishing is my favorite way to catch fish and it begins around May when the temperature is constantly warm and last thru ought the summer. Some gear you will have to have is a bow a recurve or a compound it doesn’t matter but if you are not the best with a bow the best bow for you would be the compound because you have sights on the bow. A retriever reel and an arrow with any kind of tip will work. And the way the fish is swimming threw the water you must aim below where you see the fish at, it’s difficult at first but it gets easier.

Cat fishing can be done anytime during the summer day or night. I prefer night time because there are less people fishing and the fish are more active. But the down side to fishing at night you must then bring a light or build a fire to see the end of your poles. The first thing you will need is a fishing pole with a heavy weight on the end of the fishing line with a treble hook around half a foot up from the weight you do this because cat fish usually stay toward the bottom of the lake or river. What I found works the best and smells the worst is punch bait and you push the treble hook down into the punch bait with a stick because if you get it on your hands they will stink for a while. And another good bait to catch the catfish with is chicken livers and they are a little more difficult to put on the hook.

Conclusion: Fishing is a great and relaxing hobby to try out.
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