persuasive essay: school should start at a later time

Topics: Sleep, Education, Adolescence Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Cassidy Holbrook
The average teen gets about seven hours of sleep each night. Teenagers should be getting nine hours of sleep, but they have to wake up early for school. School currently starts at seven thirty; it should start at nine thirty. Teens need the proper amount of sleep so their bodies can develop properly. This movement would improve concentration and give them time to eat each morning.

The youth would significantly benefit from school starting two hours later. They would be able to get a suitable amount of sleep. If school started at nine thirty it would cause the bus to arrive at nine and give you at least two more hours of sleep. Waking up at six just so you can catch the bus at seven is such a struggle. Teenagers are not the only people who need more sleep; Bus drivers also need a well rested night. Bus drivers have long routes that they drive in the dark, early mornings. When kids walk to school it is dark, not all drivers are completely awake and alert. If it isn’t dark when school start the youth would be safer walking or riding their bikes to school. Starting school later would help the transportation intensely.

Another advantage of staring school later would be concentration levels. Concentration in school would improve. In German schools they experimented with a later start to their day. They saw better grades and higher attendance levels. Teens with take in more knowledge if they are well rested this will defiantly benefit them later in life. This benefits students and teachers; teachers would get better feedback from students thus making them like their jobs more. The United States is not even close to being in the top ten smartest countries. Our school system obviously needs to change, giving students more sleep is a simple start. If everyone got the proper education they can get a better job when they are adults, therefore poverty levels would decrease.

An additional profit from school...
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