Persuasive Essay On Invasive Species

Topics: Emerald ash borer, Introduced species, Fraxinus Pages: 7 (1553 words) Published: April 19, 2017

As you know, invasive species are being considered a huge threat to nation’s biodiversity. I know that you acknowledge how important is to eradicate the population of the invasive species in the US. As a real man of people, Senator Cory Booker has understood the priority of the issue and introduced the S. 826 bill “To reauthorize the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and certain wildlife conservation funds, to establish prize competitions relating to the… wildlife conservation, the management of invasive species… ” to the Senate (Barrasso). As a biologist, I request you to pass this bill because the enormous spread of invasive species is bedeviling Jersey's natural species and the economy on a huge level. Particularly, the state is spending...

Likewise, DePalma, and Poland, Peter Kareiva, a leading environmental scientist affirms that non-native species including emerald ash borer can have disastrous impacts, especially on islands. Kareiva also states exotic EAB and pathogens plants are causing immense economic destruction. For instance, “some plant invaders totally remake ecosystems — altering fire regime, nutrient cycling, productivity, and resident animals,” Kareiva added (Kareiva). Here, you can clearly see that how dangerous our economic and environment future can be if we don’t take further action against the diffusion of EAB. To initiate the ‘war’ against the EAB, we should encourage people to work with strike team and participate in the “see something, say something” movement against invasive species (in DePalma). In my opinion, if we build an effective mechanism to prevent rapid growth of EAB, it’s going to decrease major part of the problem as a new bill is about. In present, use of technology would be the best choice, financially, and time-saving. We need your support to develop an application like New Jersey Invasives and strike teams which include experts and volunteers, and which is only possible if Congress pass this new bill. Gordon Ramel, a poet express his feeling about...
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