Persuasive Essay for Martial Arts

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Being Able to Keep Yourself Safe
Every year, millions of people are kidnapped, raped and/or killed. As a result, many people have decieded to enroll themselves and their children into some type of self-defense class, so they can better protect themselves. The ability to protect yourself when being attacked is vital, therefore, in order to better understand how to keep yourself safe, you must consider whether you have the stamina, self-control and knowledge.

You can be attacked anywhere at anytime, physically one of the first things you should possess is stamina. For example body strength would be very helpful when it comes to enduring being attacked. If you have more strength it will be easier defend yourself by blocking strikes and attacking back. When attacking back, you want each hit to be very effective. In addition, your state of mind could save your life, if the mind is in the right place a person can achieve anything, like getting away with your life. After getting hurt by the opposition, your mind may be telling you “it’s over” but you have to make it believe other wise. Keep your mind optimistic, tell yourself you can do it because the second you are pessimistic you have defeated yourself. Stamina will help endure through the difficult situation.

A major part of protecting yourself is perseverance, while the confrontation and preparing for it. Of course to be good at anything, especially defending yourself, you must practice. There are some days practicing seems tiring and insignificant, but you never know when you will use what you practice so it is important that you continuously train. When you actually use the self-defense that you have practiced, it is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. Consequently, it all comes down to a person’s self-control. A situation may arise that seems hard to escape, but if a person has good self-control they will know exactly what to do. A person can do anything that they put his or her mind to. When...
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