Persuasion Speech / Eating Local Ann Arbor

Topics: Local food, Farmers' market, Organic food Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: October 24, 2011
J Anderson
COM 101

Persuasive Speech – December 1, 2010


Specific Purpose: To persuade our audience to buy and eat organic local meats and produce not only for their health and protection from chemically and genetically enhanced foods but also to sustain and help our local community and economy.

Attention Grabber: Today I would like to speak on a topic that is very close to all of our hearts,..That being our pockets and our stomachs, you may ask yourself what do I mean by this? I’m talking about your health, Food and $. Tied together these things help to sustain our every day lives. Our economy is in crisis people are unhappy and unhealthy. How do we fix this?

Central Idea/Credibility Statement: My name is Jack Anderson, for the past 5 years I have worked in local organic meat and produce markets, gardens and farms from ranging from here in Ann Arbor and all the way to New Zealand. In 2005 I studied sports nutrition under tony deccieo the U.S. women’s soccer world cup head coach. Today I will provide you with information, ideas and steps to help you make better food and health choices, starting close to home.

Main Points Preview: We all have to eat, and most of us enjoy eating. As Americans we are inundated every day with corporate advertising persuading us to buy prepared and big brand industrliaized food items that are not good for the planet or us. They portray them as glamiours and convenient with bright, colorful and happy ads, Cows grazing in green pastures, produce picked straight from the ground and on to your plate. If these advertisements portrayed the entire reality, a dark side of the meat and produce industry would come to light.


(Transition: After much research I have found that there is a much darker side to the industrial food system.)


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