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Persuasion Essay Against Online Education

By shorty11011 May 16, 2014 817 Words
Persuasion Essay Against Online Eduation
Nowadays, everything about the world is accessible at one’s fingertips. Left and right, technological advancements surge throughout stores, offices, and schools. Not only are schools becoming more technology friendly, but online schooling is also growing rapidly. These online schools are attracting millions of teenagers around the world, but they are not as good as they seem. Many teenagers who attend online schools prefer traditional schooling since online schools lack several necessary aspects for learning. Some feel like they do not learn much, if anything at all, and others dislike how detached they feel from their teachers or other students. Although education specialists claim that online education has more benefits, it should not replace traditional education used by the current school system.

Granted, online education provides a more flexible schedule. Usually, the students who attend online school have very busy schedules, and online schooling allows them to have a schedule that fits their needs. These students do not have to follow a set time schedule. They are allowed to log in and out of their course whenever their schedule permits, and as long as they complete their assignments by a certain deadline, they pass the course. Also, if a student moves at a slower pace compared to other students, then that student can take his or her time with the lesson. Likewise, if another student learns much faster compared to the average student, then he or she can speed through the lesson without waiting for others. However, attending an online school will lead to a lack of social interaction. Students from online programs can talk to each other through student forums and discussion boards, but they have a very slim chance of meeting face to face considering many of these students live all around the world. With these student forums and discussion boards, the response comments can make an everlasting strand of posts, but no one will be interested enough to read all of them. All of these conflicts make it harder to create long-lasting friendships. In addition, these students do not really get to know each other. Besides that, these students do not get to experience all the activities that traditional schools have to offer like extracurricular clubs. They also cannot create those glorious memories that most people laugh at when they are older and reminiscing.

Nevertheless, online education is much cheaper and can save a family a large amount of money. Since these families do not have to pay for tuition, gas, or housing, they can spend their money on other things like house improvements, bills, debts, necessities, college funding, etc. Also, for those who cannot afford to go to a university, an online degree is much easier to achieve. This helps many of those who could not afford to earn a degree to finally attain one.

On the contrary, one cannot get as much help from an online program compared to a traditional school. Since online teachers have a limited role in teaching, they try to guide students through the pre-written material. If the teacher is not properly trained to teach online courses, then the students are forced to teach themselves the whole lesson. This can cause students to get frustrated with themselves and not be as motivated to complete their course. To add onto the problem, asking questions is highly more difficult. The students who have questions cannot just raise their hands or stop by their teacher’s office to ask them. They have to wait for answers through e-mails, talk to other students through student forums, or make some sort of appointment with the teacher. In the end, being online educated may involve more work and could take much longer to finish. Most importantly, some online credits are not accepted in traditional schools or colleges. Certain online credits are not accepted because their credits are either not up to par or have no relevancy toward the student’s major. Even though online schools have been given more credibility in the past few years, many still believe that online schooling is much easier than traditional schooling, so college administrators do not take online degrees seriously. Also, some online schools are not accredited by legitimate agencies, and credits from those schools are overlooked completely.

In other words, educational specialists should not replace traditional education with online education. Once again, online education not only reduces social activity, but also takes away from the high school experience. In addition, online schools do not offer as much help for students as traditional schools. Lastly, some colleges and universities do not even accept online credits. While online education may be more viable in the future, they are currently not in the best condition to be implemented into school districts. Until online education is more adaptable to the traditional model, it should not be allowed to jeopardize the learning experience of today’s students.

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