Personality and How Famous Psychologists View It

Topics: Personality psychology, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud Pages: 3 (657 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Personality test questions
Kathy Short
Jessica Neyenhouse
Axia University of Phoenix

Personality test questions
Throughout many years psychologist have tried to determine what make a person behave the way they do. As we start to look at how the person’s behavior is related to personality, we can start by looking at some of the past psychologist who has come before us. With Sigmund Freud the theory of personality revolved around the person’s ego and their sexual instinct (Morris and Maisto pg. 336). Freud’s theory was the personality was formed around the three structures that we are born with the ID, the Ego, and the Superego. Next we have Carl Jung, who agreed with the theory of Freud but, he expanded the role of how the unconscious contended with the libido, which he felt was representing all life forces (Morris and Maisto pg. 339). But, when we examine the theory of the personality by Alfred Adler we felt the persons personality revolved around the persons drive to strive for personal and social perfection (Morris and Maisto pg. 336). These three theories represent some of the ways we can determine or help the person realize what personality traits they have. So how do we come to the conclusion of what the personality of a person is? We can start by asking a series of questions, reminding the person to be as honest as possible, and the more times a person answers the questions, and receives the same results each time, will show a more accurate result. We have my 23 year old son Stephen Short III to answer a series of 60 questions. He has consented both verbally and by signing a consent form that I may use t he information obtain in a class project. The instructions are read to the person. Using a measurement system ranging from very accurate to not accurate at all, with the center space as being in between, please answer the questions as honest as possible. 1) Sensible

2) Caring
3) Passionate
4) Tolerant...
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