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Topics: Suspension bridge, Learning, Computer-aided design Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Civil engineering has been a fundamental law in the province of building for thousands of years, from the aqueducts’ of Ancient Greece to the modern Shard of London, furthermore it will be needed for many years to come and this is where my interest lies. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, collapsing on the 7th December 1940 was the third largest suspension bridge when it was deconstructed; luckily nobody was injured but a dog. The bridge collapsed due to aeroelasticity force when its natural vibration plus the effects of the 40mph wind occurred increasing the aero dynamical load thus causing vibration within the girders to cause self existing oscillation. The amplitude can now begin to increase and lead rapidly to deformation or collapse in this case, it was then replaced 10 years later, using the original cable and blocks.

My academic background consists of me studying GCSE’s and gaining 12, all A – C including a B at Mathematics and Physics. I then continued onto do A levels and after my first year I decided I wanted to follow a career into engineering/architects so I am now studying Graphics, Business and History. For the purposes of studying civil engineering I have began to teach myself the necessary mechanics equations in preparation.

Since the completion of my work experience with an architecture/engineers company called Kb Architecture based in Nottingham, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed working with a team of specialists and contractors and this became my new found ambition to follow as a career. I learned to use software such as vectorworks and computer aided design to a moderate level, furthermore drawings for bungalow project I designed. (Available upon request). In addition I appreciated the importance of team work and that communication is about listening and justifying a response.

I am near completion of my gold Duke of Edinburgh award, finishing all expeditions and my physical recreation. I have completed my bronze and silver awards and which...
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