personal skills and strengthes

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Skills, talents and strength points in any personality are the main factor that determines the success or failure for everyone and we can notice how some famous people reached and achieved their goals and dreams using their skills and talents as a strength in order to get promoted step by step. For example, Malcom X as a one of best speakers and Steve Hawking as being positive and creative. In my opinion, skills and talents can change other’s life and I am one of the people which found and noticed that change, starting from the family life to school to the workplace.

And here are some examples of the skills that I own and some of the strengths such as, leader ship, I remember in high school when the teacher ask us to make group to do an assignments or any task, my classmates were always depending on me indirectly to make management for the like dividing the work and giving everyone a part to do, giving a specific time to be finished and to the one who present the task to the teacher. Actually I really enjoy being a leader, because I know and I believe that benefits my personality and helps me to be more confident. Moreover, the power of being a leader is also important at the workplace how to be responsible and how to raise your voice and say your thoughts to be heard for everyone is working with you by a polite way.

The second example is about being positive and smiling, and this is one of my main ways to survive at this world! And it helped me to achieve and get many thing in my life Starting from the school and how if some of my friends were feeling sad and negative they usually used to tell me their problems and ask e me to find a solution for them, and I remember one of my friends was telling me you always smile and that makes me feel better while I am having a bad situation or feeling about something .

Positive thinking doesn't mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignore life's less pleasant situations. Positive thinking just means that...
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