Personal Educational Philosophy

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This paper is my personal educational philosophy statement. It represents my ideas and values about teaching and learning; it reveals my personal teaching beliefs and their relation to the five major established educational philosophies; it shows my role and responsibilities in educational process. I place great significance on personal style of instruction and its influence on curriculum implementation. The paper also highlights my career aspiration and orientation.

Personal Educational Philosophy
Like a good business plan, every teacher should have a personal educational philosophy in place. Witcher, Sewall, Arnold, and Travers in Teaching, leading and learning: It’s all about philosophy (2001) say that a well-defined statement is needed as ‘we must be able to explain the beliefs that drive our choices to students, parents, and administrators, providing support for our actions that is backed by a carefully thought-out and articulated philosophy.’ (p. 279) I also agree with the authors about the importance of looking at the past critically to decide what needs improvement going forward. Periodically, every teacher should review and reevaluate own career accomplishments, renovate educational convictions and hone methodologies to make an important impact on curriculum planning, instruction and students’ future. My beliefs about teaching have not yet formed fully as I am at the very sunrise of my career as an educator; however, having been a student myself, I think that teaching and learning are very much alike. Just to think about it, anyone who is giving advice or stating opinion is relaying knowledge and experience; we could potentially all be teachers to one another. As a life-long learner, I have developed my personal styles of absorbing, internalizing information and applying it across subject matters whether of school or of life. While certain subjects still present a struggle for me due to personal learning...
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