Personal and Professional Development

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Topics: Management
Contents 2
1.0 Introduction: 3
2.0 SWOT analysis: 3
2.1 Strength: 3
2.1.1 Effective communication skills: 3
2.1.2 Team Work: 3
2.1.3 Customer Service: 4
2.1.4 Management skills: 4
2.1.5 Relevant experience: 4
2.1.6 Language skills: 4
2.1.7 Computing skills: 4
2.2 Weakness: 4
2.2.1 Lack of various work experience: 4
2.2.2 Intention to change jobs: 5
2.2.3 Frustration: 5
2.2.4 Short tempered: 5
2.2.5 Can’t say “no”: 5
2.2.6 Working with large group: 5
2.3 Opportunity: 5
2.4 Threat: 5
3.0 Conclusion: 5
Reference: 6
Appendix: 6

1.0 Introduction:

My chosen career is hotel management and it’s a very dynamic and interesting career path where you get to meet new clients and you can apply any innovative ideas in various sectors such as marketing, budgeting, financing and decision making. The reason behind choosing this profession is I feel really confident about it because I have practical working experience and I also believe my achieved degree will help me to conduct this management role properly.

Hotel manager is the person who is responsible for management of the hotel and its entire staff (AGCAS, 2012). We can also say hotel manager is someone who is accountable for managing the business of hotel and also assure the quality, productivity, performance of employees (Jones & Lockwood, 2004). Hotel manager is responsible for planning, budgeting, financial management and also directing and leading all hotel service. This profession requires various types of skills, knowledge and experience which has to be developed starting from the bottom.

Despite the fact this area is accessible for all graduates with an HND but the following qualification or subject may enhance the chance such as business or management, Hotel and hospitality, business study with different language and travel and tourism (AGCAS, 2012). But it’s not always necessary to have an HND or foundation course to enter this profession since

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