Personal Account: Super Junior Super Show Three Manila

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“Super Junior: Super Show 3 Manila”

I caught myself lying on the bed staring at my laptop’s screen, with the cursor blinking. I should be writing a fan account for Super Junior’s Super Show 3 in Manila. Everyone’s expecting that writing a fan account is simple as ABC, but trust me, it’s really hard to figure out what to write when your mind is spazzing, bringing back the memories of the biggest day of your life – watching your idols perform live!

It was a day in October 2010 when the official date of Super Junior’s concert in Manila was announced. The first thing I did was to count the money I saved from my allowances. As the ticket prices were released, I immediately looked for the VVIP seat, and before I knew it my eyes already widened. It costs more expensive than I expected, Php10,000. Fans started to complain about the price, and others were against it. It was totally different from their last concert, Super Show 2. But then I suddenly changed my opinion when a fan posted on a site that was agreeable. She stated, “Just come to think of it that you paid Php1000 for every member to perform plus a bonus of 2 members who will be there for free.” She was right. Thereafter, there had been no complaints about the ticket prices anymore. After suffering from a hunger strike I was able to reserve a ticket for the show the first day it was released. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to call TicketNet for a reservation of the VVIP ticket, because it’s like playing a tug of war just to get your call answered. All VVIP tickets were sold out within 3 hours. It was unbelievable, these fans are so rich! I got the 2nd best ticket for the concert, which is SVIP. Days after, the ticket is in my hands. I stared at it like it was a piece of gold. I considered it as my plane ticket to South Korea, the home of my boys. I hugged it, and whispered, “See you on February.”

The long wait is over. Super Junior finally arrived the day before the concert. I stared at the TV screen waiting...
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