B.B.King Homecoming Festival

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DATE MAY 26,2013

On June 5TH of every year, the town of Indianola, Miss county Sunflower in Miss set aside a day nationally known as B.B.KING HOMECOMING FESTIVAL. This event take place in downtown Indianola, Miss population 35,000 people I must admit a small town with a lots of love. At this big event Mr. King arrives in town by his personal charter bus, at the B.B. KING Museum where he will meet and greet the town officials. The Mayor and other city officials will gather around and have a big luncheon. Next he will perform for the kids at 5 p.m. until about 1030 p.m. at night. On the front lawn next to the museum the fireworks will be displayed at 11p.m. Finally his Band will load the bus up and they will perform live at the CLUB EBONY nite club. Vendors get their booths set up all kinds of activites are displayed such as gospel music, reggae, and blue and of course country and pop. Its a very interesting festival because for the last 4 years I have worked at the Club Ebony which is B.B.KING CLUB he purchase it from Mary F. Shephed the Queen of the Juke Joint Blues, she has owned the club until 2005 when she had a stroke and her health start failing her she sold the club to B.B.KING, and he donated it to his museum in which it is located in the heart of town in the city of Indianola the structure building is worth 2million dollars the hand crafted walls with shelliac stutters running vertical and the glass doors with big shiny gold balls on each door handle and a yard that out front with green grass trim to the perfection of the museum as passer bys look on. Tourist and travelers near and far come to see the history of the LEGENDARY B.B.KING he was born and raised in a country town called Itta Bena Miss out on a plantation called Woodburn,Miss. On this day security is real high they have the highway patrolman and the state...
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