Person-Centered Therapy: Personal Model of Helping

Topics: Psychology, Therapy, Empowerment Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Personal Model of Helping
Unconditional Empathetic Empowerment Therapy (UEET) is closely related to Person Centered Therapy to a certain degree. This particular model or approach of therapy is designed to meet the clients where they are, see the issues through their lenses, coach them on goal setting, help client become self-aware so that they can find their own way towards a more fulfilling life style. To be able to help develop and build on a client’s strength is an empowering method and tool that a client can apply and use on his or her daily life. When a client is knowledgeable about his or her own strength, it will empower the client to build on their strengths, goals and also to find new strengths and then be responsible to keep it structured as agreed upon by the client and therapist. In the field of mental health as it is originally called, not many clinicians or professionals who are in the field provide authentic and compassionate care for individuals who are in desperate need of the care and attention. I have enjoyed advocating for people and working with individuals who are in need and attention to reestablish their self image, self esteem, independence and life back. Offering an opportunity to individuals who are in need for someone to understand where they are coming from and to recognize the message that they are sending out is an important aspect of therapy. Not every professional will have the patience and gift to work with mental illness population. My personal thought is that no one is this world has a disorder, but is unique in their own way; all it takes is for someone to extend and spend time with these special clients because it is a desperate and sometimes silent cry for help. These individuals just want to be heard and for someone to listen to them as they voice out their emotions and thoughts. The level of growth, collaboration, and willpower has to come from the client because it is their choice whether they want to pull through from...
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